Another couple’s retreat

This is Jessica, owner and therapist, Toronto Counselling Centre for Teens.  I’ve encouraged my other therapists to write something to post on this blog.  So far it’s just me.

The post below is from my general practice site,  I’ve included it as a couples retreat will also be something relevant to the parents who come to this site.  The couples retreat is based on a book called Hold me Tight by Sue Johnson.  It’s a great book and I recommend it to all couples.  It works with Emotion Focused Therapy which is an attachment-based therapy.  The good news is that there is a Hold Me Tight book for families in the works.  Also, Terry Noble and I, are investigating the possibility of hosting Hold Me Tight retreats for families.  I will keep you posted on those developments.  Until then, here is the information for the couples retreat:

Terry Noble and I are hosting another Hold Me Tight retreat for couples.  As we’ve seen incredible growth, healing and connection happen at these retreats, we’re now committed to hosting them twice annually.

This one will be held again at the Kingfisher Bay Retreat on Stony Lake from Friday October 16 to Sunday October 18, 2015.

We have space for eight couples.

Here’s the poster:

Poster for October 2015

If you’d like a registration form, please email me at